Saturday, 7 August 2010

Currently lusting after...

MAC Face and Body Foundation.
£23 for 120ml/4 fl oz
This probably isn't that much of a surprise as most of the blogging world has been going crazy over this foundation so it seems, and as I am a total cosmetics sheep I am following suit! I have suffered terrible skin in the past so I've always stuck to medium/full coverage foundations, but since its cleared up quite a bit (still by no means perfect), I sometimes feel too 'made up' wearing heavy foundations on a day to day basis. From the reviews I have read this seems perfect; a natural flawless dewy finish, that looks like you aren't even wearing foundation!! I am hoping to pick this up soon so a review will most definitely follow.
I've been hearing a lot about this brand for a while now, however as the only store here in the UK is nearly 200 miles away from me, it's not too easy for me to get my mitts on them just yet. They now have a website, so you can drool over the goodies they have to offer but still can't order them online yet :(. I really want to try one of the freedom system palettes!!

Long, volumised, textured hair.

For me Cheryl Cole epitomises this look.

Long loose effortless tousled waves. My hair is feeble in comparison! I've tried all the tutorials and tips but somehow I just can't manage it. I'm thinking of investing in some good quality clip-in hair extensions to hopefully help achieve this look, I've been looking into the likes of HeadKandy and HelloGorgeous which seem to be the best around on the net judging on reviews, anyone got any other recommendations?

What are you currently lusting after ?

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  1. love macs face and body!really good!

    cheryls hair looks so nice here id love to get mine like it think i need some new extentions too ,to get more volume i have long hair but its not very think :( Great blog! xx

  2. @ Laura
    Thank you :) I'm the opposite, I have really thick hair but its not very long, I think the main problem is I just suck at styling my hair tbh haha, I can straighten it but when it comes to anything else I'm useless! x

  3. extensions are my best friend I love them I use them everyday you should totally do them you will not regret it !!!!

    you can check my blog I have pictures with my extensions =)

  4. hey beth , thanks for the follow im following you too now , your blogs great so sleek and clear to understand :) x really pretty x
    I look forwards to reading your future posts :) x
    Sophie-lou x

  5. Yeah, neither had I, it just came to me haha :P
    Ooo, blog it if you do and let me know how it turned out! :D
    I really want the concical wand from babyliss! haha

  6. hey i've given you an award and tagged you at my blog =)

  7. @ Curves ahead makeup - I'm sure once I get some I'll be addicted haha, I'll make sure I do x
    @ Sophie-Lou-J - Aww thanks :)
    @ Chloe - I will do! I got the conical wand for my birthday, makes it sooo much easier to curl my hair I love it :)

  8. I am far too jealous of Cheryl's hair haha! it would be amaazing to have hair like hers, may have to pick up some hair extensions! Still really loving your blog Beth :)

    Jenn xx

  9. How gorgeous is Cheryl Cole!? I'm so jealous! :P Ellen from x

  10. Hi Love!

    Love your blog (and Chezza's hair - so fab).

    I'm a new follower... you;ve got loads already, how do you do it?!

    CHeck out my blog, I'm having a comp at the mo!

  11. Cheryl hair is always sooo perfect, I wish I had hair like hers.

    Lovely blog!

  12. get headkany hair extentionsss the are amazing! and i love cheryls hair and colour! :) xx