Monday, 23 August 2010

Currently lusting after..

Urban Decay Naked Palette

FINALLY an Urban Decay palette I can get excited about, and am I!! I've never been too fussed with their previous releases as I am not the hugest fan of colour or shimmery/glittery eye shadows. But this is like it was made for me! All of the colours look stunning and there are so many looks you can create from this one palette. I can just tell I am going to fall in love with it. I've heard it is coming today (23rd) in House of Fraser, but also heard that some people have been able to pick it up in the London one already, so if anyone knows about Manchester way, let me know :) *edit* Its on the House of Fraser website as of this morning (23rd) !!!

Elf Powder Brush
This brush has been sold out on Elf's website for months now, I'm seriously not exaggerating. I have wanted to try it for an age, so when I saw it in stock on Friday night I obviously snapped one of these bad boys up, along with a few other goodies I've had my eye on. I plan on using it to apply liquid foundation. I don't like usual foundation brushes as they leave a streaky mess and the 187 is good but not quite dense enough to actually buff the product in properly, so I am hoping this might do the trick! A haul and review will be coming soon!

Peach/Apricot Blush

I have been searching for a natural looking blush colour, but I can't decide what tone to get. I want something that will look like a natural blush rather than orange and looking like I have a dodgy coloured foundation situated on my cheeks (if you get what I mean)! I have been deliberating between these three (L-R Nars Gina, Illamasqua Lover, MAC Peaches) amongst others. If any one has any recommendations please leave a comment!

Lots of Lovely New Clothes
I have decided that since I am starting university very soon (AHHH) I need to revamp my wardrobe and develop a decent sense of style!! I always tend to go for the same types of thing (I am currently living in jeggings and long tunicy things) and I need to move away from my comfort zone but I have no idea what suits me. I need an Aunty Gok :')

Also have you or anyone you know lived
at home for uni? I am choosing to do so because I live only half an hour away on the train and get free rail travel anyway (I work for a rail company). Obviously I am not going to get the whole university experience but how did you/they find it?

That's all for now lovelies :)

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  1. Thanks for the elf tip off - I have been waiting for this brush to be in stock for aggggges! Just ordered it : ) x

  2. I read somewhere the U.D. palette isn't out to the 3/sept, it's going to sell out so fast. I know what your saying about the ELF brush, i tried to order that also...but they were sold out! Doh!
    Angela xoxo

  3. @Sophie - Mine came this morning! I love it already and I haven't even used it yet haha !!

    @jollybeachang - Its on the house of fraser website now, just ordered mine :)

  4. hehe I ordered the brush on friday too :) still waiting for mine tho :( hope it arrives tomorrow! would love to see how you get on with it, becky xo

  5. I love that palette too, it's a must for neutral make-up junkies hehe! BTW, my cousin is starting uni in September, and she's staying at home and I'm sure it'll be easier without the process of moving out and studying in rowdy halls lol :)


  6. I have just orderd the UD palette after seeing this! so excited! I have 4 of the elf powder brushes because im worried they may stop selling them lol i love them!
    I live at home whilst being at uni, i went to manchester met for half a year and really didnt enjoy it so i transferd back home and i really enjoy it. Everyones uni experience is different so dont think you wont be getting the proper experience because iv come to find there isnt such thing as one xx

  7. @Becki - I ordered mine late thursday and it came this morning, I was soo excited haha!! I'll definitely have a review up soon :)
    @Ellie - Thats what I was thinking, I wasn't too fussed about the moving out part, but I'm not really big on going out all the time and I'd rather save a few pennies by staying at home!
    @ Charlotte - Thanks for the reassurance hun! I didn't even think it would make a difference tbh until everyone started telling me it wouldnt be the same! I think I was more worried about meeting new people and making friends since I don't know anyone at all, but everyone is in the same boat :)

  8. Oh my oh my oh my. Thank you for telling me about the Naked palette being sold on the website (: I'm ordering myself one now. Lovely post xx

  9. Thanks for the heads up! So glad we didn't have to wait much longer than the US for the urban decay beaut- haha.
    That brush looks good too, you've been eagle eyed this week :P

    -Hattie xx

  10. thanks so so much for the heads up!! woulda been waiting till friday otherwise :P now ive got mine all ordered!! eek yaaay cant wait x

  11. been waiting for that brush to come back in stock!! thanks for the heads up. Can't wait for my urban decay palette to come through the post :D

  12. aaah can't wait to try the Naked palette! Looks amazing. It looks a bit like Bobbi Brown's shimmering nudes palette which I own, but hey, a girl can never have too many palettes, right?!

  13. i'm starting my second year at university next month and i've stayed at home too. i only live a 15 minute drive away from my campus so it made sence to. i found the first year horrible though, found it really hard to make the type of friends to go out with and i was just generally really unhappy. i think the fact me and my boyfriend broke up around that time too didn't help, as well as all the friends i'd made 7 years perfecting all went away for uni and were having the time of their lives lol i've realised i need to suck it all up though. if you ever want to talk about anything email me :) xx