Monday, 2 August 2010

July Favourites

August already, although you'd never think it with the weather. What happened to the gorgeous sun and (nearly) cloudless skies of June, stupid British weather never making its mind up.
Anyway this is just a small round up of my favourite and most used products this past month.

Chanel Chance Eau Tendre.
£60 for 100ml/3.4 oz
For me this is the perfect summer scent. Young, fresh and fruity with a very slight hint of muskiness. I was never too keen on the original Chance, but this one I absolutely love. I have not stopped wearing it since I received it for my birthday, there is already a noticeable amount missing and considering I've only had it a week I should probably slow down!
Benefit Eye Bright.
Usually £14
I was lucky enough to find all three of the Benefit pencils being given away in Glamour magazine last month, however this was the one I was most excited about trying and is definitely the stand out for me. I use this under my eyes to hide dark circles, before I use under eye concealer. It makes a noticeable difference at least for me, I will probably be doing a more in depth review soon. It has quickly become a staple part of my routine, and I will definitely be repurchasing once this one runs out.

The Body Shop Mattifying Moisturizer.

Around £5-6
After a few long gruelling months without it, I am so glad to have this bad boy back in my life. Just my luck that The Body Shop decided to discontinue it and replace it with some 'skin clearing lotion', which the sales assistant claimed to be the same thing just renamed. However it definitely wasn't, so I turned to good ol' faithful eBay and stocked up, for now at least.
Dove Summer Glow in Light to Medium
£5 for 250ml
As the weather recently has been, for lack of a better word, naff, I have been attempting to keep a bit of colour by using this beauty. I am not the biggest fan of self tanners, most are too dark and don't look particularly great on my painfully pale skin, so I love the versatility of being able to vary the colour to suit my needs.

What are your favourites this month?
Thanks for reading,


  1. Oh I want to try the Chance eau tendre so much more now :)

    And I will look into Dove self tanners

    Thanks for the helpful post :)

  2. som lovely products you have there gurlie, I wana try that fragrance now :)

  3. thanks so much for following, am following you too =) great favourites post! i've been reaching for benefit eye bright too can't live without it!xx

  4. benefit eye bright is my fav to,i love that i can put it on my waterline and its not obvious. I kind of wish i bought a load more glamour magazines now.

    Jodie x

  5. Haha cool - i had the eye bright stick & dove summer glow in my june favourites =)

  6. i love dove summer glow! i missed out on the glamour magazines :( everywhere i looked they were all sold out. xx

  7. Thank you for the comments ladies :)

  8. I adore Eye Bright too, perfect substitute for late nights! :)