Monday, 30 August 2010

Models Own Haul

Just a quick little post while I'm being forced to watch a marathon of David Attenborough programmes :| Actually I can't say its not interesting though, I so didn't know there were fish that could fly, I almost didn't believe it!! Anyway on to the good stuff...

Champagne, Dusty Mauve, Nude Beige, Betty Blue, Purple Grey.

I placed a relatively small order during their 50% off sale, I only really wanted Purple Grey and Nude Beige, but I picked these other lovelies too since I had to spend over £20. So I was googling swatches, as you do, and came up with Champagne, Dusty Mauve and Betty Blue. I have tried Purple Grey, Nude Beige and Champagne so far and I am extremely pleased with them! They are all gorgeous colours and judging on the ones I have tried are my kind of formula; thick, pigmented, and quick drying! I also picked up the nail buffer which decided to hide somewhere before I could take its picture!

I hope you are all enjoying the lovely long bank holiday weekend!
Thanks for reading,


  1. Loving Nude Beige :)

  2. The Nude Beige looks lush and the purple grey. Mmm think I might have to put an order in too!


  3. oooh liking the look of champagne! x

  4. nude beige is a lovely colour on...good haul!!

  5. Nude Beige and Betty Blue look awesome for the winter. thanks for that!!

    xoxo stay fabulous

  6. Thanks for the comments girlies :)

  7. Betty Blue and Purple Grey look very pretty! :)


  8. These look so lovely. I want some! Thanks for following, love your makeup posts!