Thursday, 16 September 2010

Bad skin..week.

I am so fed up right now. Something has caused me to have a huge breakout pretty much all over my face. I'm putting it down to either;
- Pro Longwear foundation or concealer
- Or the fact that I haven't cleaned my concealer brush in a week (or two). I now realise the stupidity of my laziness!
Those are the only things I have changed in my skin care routine. I am so angry because I have never had any significant problems with MAC foundations breaking me out before so I presumed this one would be the same. So I am currently hibernating in the house and trying anything possible to help clear it up and needless to say not letting anything of the pro longwear variety touch my face!!!
So this is what I have turned to...

No, not to bake myself a yummy cake to cheer myself up, apparently this stuff works wonders (?). Many of you may now think I have turned insane, but this was one of the most frequent suggestions when googling 'home made face masks' which will help to calm down my psychotic skin. Apparently it helps to bring out dirt in pores, remove blackheads, neutralise the skin, dry out spots and provides a brilliant exfoliation. More information can be found here if you are interested. Some people have even claimed that it completely cleared their acne, which is one hell of a claim, considering it wouldn't be a marketing ploy as it isn't a necessarily branded product!

I mixed three parts bicarb with one part water to create a pastey substance then I applied it to my face focusing on the 'affected areas'! I then left it to dry for around 10-15 minutes, it did feel slightly tingly when it was drying and I could feel it tightening my skin up so I knew it was doing something. Once it was completely dry, and I looked slightly scary, I rinsed it off my face and then rubbed slightly to exfoliate. My skin did feel incredibly smooth afterwards, and the morning after I do see a slight improvement, it definitely has dried my spots out so they aren't so noticeable and prominent. But I am still on the hunt for something to completely clear this up!

If anyone knows of any 'quick fixes' for an epic breakout I would be so so grateful, or any recommendations for skin care products for my awkward troublesome skin, that would also be lovely :)

Thanks for reading,


  1. This sounds amazing, I will definitely try it when I have a break out.


  2. omg sorry to hear that i hope its not the foundation let me no how the product works on clearing your face cuz i get bad breakouts sometimes too

  3. This post made me laugh as i have a tub exactly like that in my bathroom, when i have breakouts i use it wash my face and find it really good. Have you tried the asprin mask? That really clears my skin up fast x

  4. I used to use bicarb as a little daily scrub. I just had a tub by the sink and would dip wet fingers in and rub all over my face! It's a really natural way to clean out your skin! I might go back to it now youve reminded me! Hope you get your breakout under control soon sweety! I havent cleaned my brushes in ages (hangs head in shame) will do it tonight! xxxx

  5. @Jess Yeah definitely give it a go :) Try to localise it to the breakout, as it can dry up the rest of your face otherwise. Thats what I am doing now haha.

    @Kaykay I will definitely do an update, and I'll do some more research as to the cause of it. I really hope its not the foundation :'(

    @Nicoletta - haha thats where mine lives now, its not moving from my sink !! I haven't tried asprin, but I did hear that mentioned a few times, I'll definitely give it a go thanks :)

    @Nic - Glad to hear that someone else has had a good experience with it, thanks hun :)


  6. Well I wish I had known this when I started using this Revlon foundation a while back that made me break out!

    I'll keep it in mind! Thanks :)

  7. I use this as a scrub and it works great, but I have never thought about leaving it on my skin as a mask! Thanks, and I hope it will help your skin.

  8. Hope your skin gets better, I awarded you the Sunshine Award on my blog


  9. wow I never knew you could use this for breakouts! I also heard somewhere that it can also be used for anyone who suffers from heavy underarm sweat! It's amazing the things you can do with normal household items! I've just come across your blog, and I love it, i'm a new follower :) Feel free to follow me if u like

  10. hey im a new follower x follow back please girlie, great blog! x
    sophie-lou x

  11. i might try this, ive had a horrible skin week! :-| thanks.

    ps. ive tagged you. check it out.