Monday, 13 September 2010

MAC Gift Card Giveaway !!! CLOSED.

 I could not believe my eyes when my counter shot up to 103 when I logged on to blogger this morning. I believe the lovely Amy, or Dazzledust25 as some of you may know her, gave my little blog a mention on her twitter which obviously boosted it!! So thank you so much Amy for the lovely shout out, I'm glad you are enjoying my blog :D
I really do appreciate all of you who have taken the time to read, follow and comment on my blog, so this is for you :)

Now for the fun stuff...
I am going to be giving away a £20 MAC Gift Card, now I know its not the most extravagant of prizes but I am on a students budget now! But I figure its better getting a gift card than being limited to a particular product say a lipstick or eyeshadow, so you can buy, or put it towards, anything that MAC sell! At the moment you are unable to use gift cards to purchase online, however it says on the website that you can from October, so by the time this giveaway ends you should be able to spend it online too, if you are unable to visit a MAC counter :)

The boring bit (The Rules) :
- This giveaway will close in exactly one month so 13th October.
- You have to be a follower, obviously since I am doing it for all of you lovelies!
- It is open internationally.

- I will be entering everyone into a spreadsheet and then using to generate a winner!

How to enter:
-To enter just leave a comment telling me what you would like to see more of on my blog! Ooh and also what you would be spending the gift card on :) You can only comment enter once!
-Please leave your email or blog link so I am able to contact you if you win!

Extra entries:
1 extra - Put a link in your side bar to this post including the picture above.
2 extra - Do a blog post about the giveaway including the picture above.

1 extra - Follow me on twitter @beautymarked24. I am BRAND new to twitter and have no clue whats going on half of the time but I will get there eventually haha! 
1 Extra - Tweet about the giveaway :)
Please leave a comment including any extra entries you might have done along with links to your blog and stuffs :)

I think that's about it... I'm sure I'll remember something else to include once I've posted it, but hey ho!

Happy entering :D


  1. great giveaway :)
    most of us our on a students budget now so i understand! lol
    anyways, i would like to see more reviews.. i love your reviews!.
    if i win, i would spend the gift card on a mac lipstick. i love their lustre finishes!.

    Amelia xx

  2. I'd love to see some makeup tutorials on your blog. I've never tried Mac's lipsticks so thats what I'd use the giftcard on :)

  3. ooooo nice giveaway. I would love to see more mac reviews as am new to mac and would love to see what people think of what they have etc.

    i tweeted about your give away and i follow you

    my blog is

  4. Hi hun congrats, i would love to see more FOTD's
    I have added you to my sidebar
    following on twitter & retweeted about your giveaway
    I'm quite new to twitter too so you are not the only one who is a bit lost lol xx

  5. Congratulations on 100+ followers :D I'd love to see some more NOTDs and FOTDs and maybe some fashion and jewellery posts? I'm just nosey and like to see other's collections lol! I think I'd spend the giftcard on the upcoming Venemous Villains collection :D

    I've just followed you on Twitter btw! I'm @kimmy__k xx

  6. Wow great giveaway (: We all are interested in mac so its a great prize :)
    Enter me please hun , i am a follower.

    I would love to see more tutorials and fotd's on here , because we all are interested in them and hardly anyone does them anymore *sobs*

    Also am following you on twitter ,my name on there is Simply_Naturale
    my e-mail :
    my blog :

    Amazing blog if i might say so myself .

    Love Eloise xoxo

  7. Oh wow this is so cool, congrats on 103 followers!! well seeing as I didn't even know about H&M's online store until you stated I would love it if you kept on doing beauty and fashion news posts :) I was so happy when I found out! As for what I would spend it on..I would probably buy a lipgloss as I haven't tried one yet hehe. Many thanks for the comp!

  8. I am so sorry to bother again but I'm now following you on twitter and have put a link to your giveaway on my blog :) becky xo

  9. I would love to see outfit of the day :)and if i won i would spend it on some mac face and body, since im hearing good reviews on it and atm cant dish out money towards it.. sometimes it sucks being a student! :) xx

  10. Aw thank you so much for this!
    I love arts and crafts posts but if you're not an artsy person, I also love nail posts :)
    & I don't own any MAC so wouldn't know where to start! Probably an MSF as I do love my highlights!

    Here's the linky to my blog:

    :) x

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  12. Oh enter me pleasee!:)
    i will make a page of the giveaway soon :)xx
    email is on left sidebar of zee blogg heeh:)
    need to see more outfits hun!look at your profile pic,the top is divine!i also love your reviews:),and i would spend it on a mac lippie or two hehe:)x

  13. I'd love to see more of your own style so like outfits of the day :) I would put it towards buy studio fix fluid because I really need a good coverage foundation or Viva Glam Cindi

    Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  14. enter me please :)

    id love to see outfit of the days and fashion posts. i would buy (with the giftcard a dazzleglass and put it toward a mascara also)


    i posted your link in my sidebar
    i tweeted about the giveaway
    i followed you on twitter
    i blogged about the giveaway

    thanks my email is


  15. Wow, congratualtions on getting all those followers :)

    I would like to see more tutorials. And i will most probably spend the money on Costa Chic lipstick :) Oh and i might sneak Woodwinked eyeshadow in there too ;)


  16. Ooo congrats, I'm a brand new follower to your blog but am loving it so far. I'd love to see more reviews as yours are really good. If I won I'd probably spend the gift card on the new foundation. :) I've followed you on twitter as well. x


  17. Congratulatios Beth! :)

    I would like to see more reviews, you have great pictures hehe! If I won I'd probably spend the gift voucher on Buff blush (been wanting for a while) and perhaps Creme Cup lipstick :)

    email (if needed) is:

  18. Big congrats on the followers x
    Pleaseeee enter me :)

    I would love to see more makeup looks & if I won the gift card would defiantly be spent on some pretty blushers.

  19. Enter me please hun im a follower :)
    I would like to see more FOTD'S on your blog.
    I have no idea what i would spend the giftcard on as yet, so much choice! haha.
    I think id probably get a new Lipstick :)

  20. congrats on the followers lovely :) you have a great blog!

    i would love to see OFTD FOTD NOTD :)

    I would spend the giftcard on some lipstick :)

    i have blogged about your giveaway
    added a pic and link in my side bar
    followed you on twitter
    and tweeted about you giveaway :) x

  21. Congratulations huni!!
    I would love to see more face of the days, i always find these interesting!
    I would probably spend the card on a couple more lippies,i really want snob and impassioned!
    I have tweeted about your giveaway and linked you to my sidebar on my blog!

    P.s i actually wish i had this idea on my giveaway! So much easier than buying all the stuff that i got lol xx

  22. such an awesome giveaway thanks so much and congrats on the followers! i would love to see more FOTD's as its great seeing what looks can be created everday =)

    ill add your competition in my side bar too over at


  23. i forgot to say what i would buy :P it would be the new mac pro longwear concealer =) x

  24. Congrats on the 100+ followers. Isn't it a great feeling? hahaha! Well, what I would like to see more in your blog are more FOTD's... :)

    If I won the givecard I would buy a blush. My current obsession is blush so would love an apricot color blush.

    I am following you on twitter and twittered about your giveaway!

  25. Hey, im a new follower - I'd love to see some tags and I would but an eyeshadow!

    Princess Juicy T

  26. I have just read your blog and I loved it. Your doing everything right. I like the fashion pieces, you described how you'd wear it.

    hmmm... Mac. I love makeup but i actually own nothing by Mac. I don't know where I'd start. Probably an MSF, They're the one thing that fascinates me!!


  27. I'm a brand new follower :) I'd love to see more of your reviews, I'm loving them and some more FOTDS :) I'd probably spend the giftcard on a concealer or eyeshadows

    I blogged about it here

  28. ooh thank you for letting me know about this :) i'd love love love to buy some more eyeshadows and i love reading reviews so more of those would be good!
    and I know it doesnt count as an extra entry but i'll pop you in the sidebar xx

  29. Yay congrats on over 100 followers!! :) Thanks so much for the lovely giveaway too. I would buy Woodwinked eyeshadow and MAC Bombshell lipstick. I also am a blog follower.

    I follow you on Twitter (@lipstickncandy)

    I do't have a blog, so I tweeted the giveaway:

    shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

  30. What a great, and generous giveaway.

    I love all the blogposts you do but I epecially like your
    If I won the gift card I'd definately treat myself to a new foundation. Perhaps the Studio Fix Fluid.

    I am following you on Twitter @debdobdoornob and will tweet and also add a side bar on my blog!!

    thank you


  31. oops i forgot to add what I actually enjoy the most. I looove your FotD's and your reviews. They are great and well written xx

  32. congrats on 1OO :)! i would buy wedge or vanilla eyeshadow :)!

  33. Congratulations on the followers. Great giveaway. I'd like more reviews please. And I'd spend the card maybe on some concealer or lipstick. x

  34. congrats!
    woo i would love to see more og them clothess that you would but and what you wear them with. i absoloutley love things like that.
    and if i won a MAC card...i'd begin my own MAC collection as ive never been there before hehe

    conrgats again x

  35. Congratulations on over 100 followers :)
    I've always wanted naked lunch eyeshadow, and maybe a concealer.. or a blush.. hmm its hard :P

    I've followed you on twitter under the name 'chloe_nfc' I've tweeted about your giveaway, (
    put it in my sidebar, and blogged about it. links:

    :) Good Luck to everyone xxx

  36. and in all that excitement i forgot to put my email address hahaha


  37. Hi! I know how you feel, im on 88 and im so happy!
    Im now following your blog :)
    Amazing give away, i'd like to enter!
    I love people who write about their favourite blogs and why, so that would be cool to see!
    If i won i'd have to speak to someone about what would be good for me as i've never used MAC before! crazy!

  38. Congrats on over 100 followers on your blog. I would LOVE to see more fashion posts- as I want that H+M top you have mentioned in the post below :)

    my email is

    Rach xxx

  39. Hi lovey! I follow thru GFC! I would love to see just honest product reviews! Its why I'm into blogging!

    I follow you on twitter and tweeted your giveaway!


  40. Congrats on 100 followers :) Fab prize too! I like to see make up collections, and fave products of the month!

    Heres my blog link:

    Daisy :) x

  41. Hello thanks so much for doing this contest I think you shoukd do more updates on yourself reviews and hauls and would you rather beauty tag 2 x I would spend my giftcard on either viva glam cyndi is it out in the uk yet or msf natural x contact me on x
    Good Luck Everyone x

  42. Hey congrats on the followers,
    I'd like to see more FOTDs

    thanks! xx

  43. oh great giveaway, and congrats on all the followers. I would love the hear more about you on your blog!! Oh and i would spend the voucher on mac body foundation, love it xxx

  44. sorry hun i forgot to put the page!:(

  45. Hey i'm a new follower from italy!!
    enter me please :)
    i'd love to see more makeup looks & i sped the voucher probably for blush or lipstick!!

  46. Hey. I just made a twitter today. I'm following you, my username is miszkayy
    Here is my blog post I wrote about the giveaway
    And i also linked you on my sidebar
    I would love to see makeup tuts and if I won I would buy lipstick because I love the lipstick!
    my email is

  47. Hi, congrats on the followers :D
    I would love to see more FOTDs!! I would probably spend the voucher on something from the venomous villains collection, or possibly strobe cream as I have wanted to try it for ages but its pretty expensive!!
    I've followed you on twitter :)

  48. CONGRATS!!
    Myabe some mroe hauls ? or reveiws:D
    and if i won , i would spend it either a lipstick or a msf !! :D

  49. Congrats :)
    I'd like to see more FOTD's please :D
    If I won I would buy a lipstick.


  50. Lovely giveaway! Love to see outfit posts!


  51. I would love to see more NOTD's :) and I would spend the voucher on foundation.


  52. one of the best giveaways i've seen! i'd love to see more makeup tutorials & i've started following you on twitter (mine is

    i'd spend the voucher on a lipstick in 'Snob' as i've been lusting after it for ages & put the rest my usual creme blusher in 'ladyblush'

  53. Hope I win this!

    I would get somethng from my most recent mac wishlist which will be some kind of makeup remover or cleaner. And any money left over will go towards a lipstick :) xxx

  54. Enter me please!
    I have added you on twitter and posted a pic in my sidebar here:

    I have a massive wishlist... mostly lipsticks!
    Ummm I want
    Kinda Sexy

    Ha they're just the ones I can think of off the top of my head :) ♥

  55. I'd love to see more of everything! ANd I'd spend it on a lovely lippy. Love the blog,


  56. Would love to see more make-up tips!
    And I would probs spend this is on All That Glitters eyeshadow and Creme d' nude :)

  57. Amazing giveaway!

    I always like to see NOTD's and FOTD's. Hauls are good too (but then I'm just nosey!!)

    I'd probably spend it on well dressed blush, an MSF or satin taupe e/s.

  58. congrats on your followers! you deserve them :) i would love to see more hauls on your blog! and i would probably spend it on a blush.. i lvoe mac blushes! :)

    im also following you on tiwtter... my username is americamilani
    heres my tweet about the giveaway too!


  59. great giveaway!

    im a follower.

    <3 dennica pearl
    - through the eyes of a pearl
    - vintage shop

  60. i am a follower of your blog.
    i would love to see more reviews on skincare products.
    i would love to spend the gift card on some lip sticks.
    username- ks sn

  61. I'm following here and on twitter!
    I'd love to see more FOTDs and reviews :)

  62. Oops, forgot to say: I'd spend the voucher on Pearl Cream Colour Base and Chatterbox lipstick :)

  63. Congrats & waht a lovely giveaway

    Enter me pretty please im a follower :)

    I would love to see hauls & fotd... & if I was lucky enough to win I would but a mmmh let me think maybe a lipgloss or a new eye shadow.

  64. Hi, gorgeous giveaway. Please enter me.
    I am already follower trough google friend connecter name liz.
    I would like to see more FOTD :) I love to see the "secret" being beautifull with make up :)

    I spread your giveaway here

    I follow you name @pintaliztiirene, love if you can follow me too :)
    Good luck for me and everyone :)

    Anw, i also have giveaway, it is F21 statement ring.
    Have time, or want to try your luck? Join it. Cause merrier is more fun.


  65. Amazing giveaway! Well done on reaching 100 aswell! It would be great to see some tutorials as it looks like you do your eye makeup brilliantly! If I won i'd probably spend it on a cheeky wee msf!

    Jen xx

  66. hello i am a new follower , just been reading through your posts :)
    i would love to see more OOTD and make-up reviews!
    Also if i was lucky enough to win the giftcard i would buy the Viva La Gaga lipstick or Satin Taupe eyeshadow!

  67. I'm following via GFC as Jasmine1485. I like to read makeup tutorials and see FOTDs, as it gives me ideas for how to use makeup. I'd like to get myself some lipgloss or powder.

    Kate1485 at

  68. I'm following you on Twitter (@NTFancy)

    Kate1485 at

  69. I tweeted about it:

    Kate1485 at

  70. I really love your blog - and I find the skin stuff really interesting (the bicarb of soda post had me open-mouthed and eager to try!)
    I would also love some more FOTDs :D

    I would buy a lipstick and use the rest to go towards another ;)

    I followed you on twitter too!

  71. woopsie forgot blog url

  72. Enter me ♥
    If I won the giftcard I would be using it on a MAC lipstick. I've never MAC before so I don't really know what lipstick I would pick out if I did win, maybe a nude or pink color, or maybe red! (:. I would love to buy the Viva Glam Lady Gaga Ed lipstick if I could find it !

    Link in sidebar -

    Done a blog post-

    Followed you on twitter- Username is 263barbie

    Tweeted about the giveaway-

  73. hey :) - I enjoy reading your blog a lot a lot :D
    I have tried your bicarbonate of soda skin trick religously over the past few days and OMGoooodness it works! So THANKYOU. I suffer from really bad skin too so I would love to see more skin-problem related posts :)

    I followed you on twitter :) and tweeted about this giveaway..
    And put a link in the side bar :)

    (p.s. this is a big ask but you mentioned that you someone mentioned you and now you've got lots of followers, i'm not counting my chickens but if you could do that for me i would be very grateful!)

    p.p.s I <3 <3 your blog!

    daisydolly X

  74. and forget to say that i would buy a couple of lipsticks i think - myth and impassioned are the two i'm lusting after :D xx

  75. Hi Enter me please :)
    im following ur blog via gfc , username : ipehishere
    email : ipehishere[at]gmail[dot]com
    i tweet here :
    i ll use mac gift card to buy mac lipstick baby on fire hehehe <33
    thank youuu muahh u re pretty !!

  76. Hello, thank you for a lovely giveaway!

    I would like to see more eyeshadow reviews and maybe some nail polishes (visit my blog and you'll know why:)

    I would definitely buy MAC MSF Natural as used up the last I had and I also want Bad Fairy nail polish :)

    I'm follower Lucisek-Lucy's Stash

    I blogged about your giveaway on my left sidebar with pic

    I follow you on Twitter, nick LucysStash

    lucisek dot beluha at


  77. Heeey im a follower :)
    Id like to see more eye make up tutorils and OOTD.
    love them.
    and id spend my money on either a lipstick or an eyeshadow, maybe a blusher too as i am mac virgin i cannt choose! Lol.

    ps feel free to enter my giveaway!

  78. This comment has been removed by the author.

  79. Well,I would like to see more of your reviews,any kind,I really like them.I think I would buy a new lipgloss,I'm a lipgloss freak.I'm following you via GFC as Darija Brekalo.

  80. Enter me please :)

    Would love to see more NOTD's,and I would spent the voucher on eyeshadow or foundation :)


  81. A great giveaway, I've never tried anything from MAC and feel like I'm missing out! I have no idea what I'd spend i on, probably eyeshadows.

    I'm a new follower but I always like to see lots of product reviews.

    I've tweeted and follow you on twitter:!/karla8852/status/26280751476

    And I've added your giveaway onto my sidebar:

    Karla xx

  82. Great Giveaway, Thankyou

    mmm i love you blog but i think i would like to see more swatches and rerviews. I would probably spend this giftcard on naked lunch eye shadow...if i won xx

    posted in my sidebar:

  83. Enter me please, would love to see storage posts! I would spend the giftcard on a foundation.

    I've followed you (@jetaimefleur)
    and I've tweeted about the giveaway!/jetaimefleur/status/26289140649


  84. Hello!

    Please enter me :)

    I follow you via GFC as A. S. and my email is

    I would like to see more makeup tutorials and with the gift card I will buy some lipstick!

    Good luck everyone :)
    Thank you so much**

  85. Hello :) Fab giveaway!
    I love the variety of your blog already but would love to see how you store/organise your make-up.

    I would spend the giftcard on a couple lipsticks. I dont have any Mac lipsticks and really want to try Blankety & the new Toxic Tale :)

    Im following you on twitter @sherrie821
    and tweeted about your giveaway!/sherrie821

    ( it took me months to figure it out!! But now im on it all the time ha ha! )

  86. Hello!

    I would love to enter your giveaway! I am following your blog and am following you on twitter - I have re-tweeted your giveaway!

    Twitter is very addictive once you have worked it out!
    Looking forward to reading more of your blog!

  87. Oooo Enter Me please :)
    I'd love to see more outfits of the day..
    I don't own any MAC as of yet :/, so I don't really know where I'd start possibly something from the new 'Venomous Villians' Collection?. I don't really know to be honest what I'd choose, there's so much I'd like :P

  88. Hello!

    I'm a new blog follower, well officially. I would love to see more NOTD and how you organize your makeup and nail polish!

    I think I would spent the gift card (and then some more of course :)) on some nail polishes. I never seem to think of nails when I'm at the MAC counter, I think it might be time to change that.


    PS - Great giveaway, especially for a student budget, I know what that's like lol.

  89. -I would love to see more reviews on skin care please :D
    -my email is and my blog is

    Extra entries:
    1 extra - I posted a photo link to your giveaway
    1 extra - I follow you on twitter.
    1 Extra - I tweeted about your giveaway here:!/Sodapopdrug

  90. I'd love to see some organization/collection posts and maybe not necessarily OOTD but maybe outfit posts that show what kind of things go together

    I'm in dire need of a nice blush so i'd probably buy one of those


  91. Hello I have followed you on twitter from the start thanks for the giveaway I would probs buy mac viva glam cyndi lipglass contact me - and my blog is thanks xx

  92. I follow you on twitter (getgawjus). I'd like to see more Nail Paint reviews please. I love seeing NOTD's!

    I would spend the giftcard on a foundation probably as I am a foundation freak and can't seem to get enough :)


  93. I'd love to see more reviews.
    I would spent the voucher on some more lipsticks (possible from the Venomous Villains collection because it's the make-up I change most frequently.


  94. Great giveway and I love your blog, you're so fresh! I would also love to see more pictures (swatches, FOTD etc.)I would probably buy a Mac lipstick, I only have one and it's a cremesheen. I'd love to try a lustre one :)

  95. Hi, I just found out about your give away through Not From Concentrate, and I hope it's not incredibly cheeky that I'm entering :$

    I guess in general I like seeing product reviews with lots and lots of swatches and pictures-- it's usually from blog posts like this that I decide what to buy next!

    I would love to buy a MAC Blush. I own three eyeshadows and a fluideline at the moment. I love MAC and wish I had more!!!


  96. I'm a follower! I'd love to see more reviews, and I love to see hauls too! I always find those interesting. I'd probably buy a new eyeshadow, or a new paint pot! Thanks so much!
    hot_ring_gal at

  97. Ohhh how awesome! I'd love to read more articles on your fab bargain finds...i hope i win, i wanna get a MAC lipstick real bad!

    katch05 at gmail dot com

  98. hey! i'm a follower, yay! :)

    I'd like to see more face of the day posts! I love those! :)

    And I'd buy myself a Mac foundation, not quite sure which ine exactly yet :D

  99. ooh i'd like to see more reviews, and i'd treat myself to a nude lipstick that will actually suit me :) lovely blog by the way xxx

  100. WOW. thanks for amazing giveaway.
    Id love to see more reviews or looks as in makeup looks.
    I'd buy myself an eyeshadow, and a lipstick.

  101. just tweeted about your giveaway - thought i should while i have the chance :) x

  102. amazing giveaway!
    i would love to see more tutorials and FOTD. and hauls! just keep doing what you're doing as this is an amazing blog.
    i would probs spend the giftcard on some MAC lippies! i keep losing mine :( x

  103. yey,im your 200th follower! I'd love to read more articles on your fab bargain finds.
    I would put it towards buy studio fix fluid because I really need a good coverage foundation.

    sidebar link+tweet(and following you on twitter :))

  104. I follow thru GFC as cornelio03

    I love to straight forward reviews on skin products. I'll spend the giftcard on a MAC Lipstick- Costa Chic

    I'm following you on twitter and tweeted your giveaway

    posted this on my sidebar with a linkback

    cornelio.mallare AT

  105. enter me please.
    i would like to see more reviews.
    i would spend the giftcard on some lipsticks!

  106. :) this is a generous giveaway!

    Hmmm I'm repeating others but I would like to see more nail posts and Ins and Outs posts!

    dancinbluegirl90 at gmail dot com

  107. enter me :0
    I loved your bicarb soap trick, been doing that a fair few times.
    I would also love to see more reviews etc :)