Saturday, 25 September 2010

Weekend Waffle: Update + Ins and Outs

This is going to be the first of my 'Weekend Waffle' posts, which are probably going to be fun pointless little chit-chat posts that I can do at work where I tend to have a lot of spare time (don't tell my manager!!).

-  Firstly I would like to apologise for my absence over the past week and a bit, but as some of you may know I have started Uni this week and even though I haven't done anything substantial yet it is so tiring getting back into a routine after having four months off! At first it was really daunting being thrown into a huge lecture hall full of 600 people who you don't know, but I'm adjusting..slowly!
- Its skin hates MAC Pro Longwear. I have concluded that is definitely the reason for my horrific breakout. I wore nothing all last week and my skin improved drastically, but then along came Monday and I realised the only foundations I have at the moment are a very dark Estee Lauder Double Wear, which I would look ridiculous wearing as it is at least two or three shades darker than my skin and Pro Longwear (I actually feel sick saying its name!!). So needless to say I went for the devil in a bottle and consequently my skin is back to the way it was! Sorry that all I seem to be blogging about at the moment is the state of my skin, but it's really getting me down since it had cleared up really well just a few months ago :(
- Also thank you to everyone who has tagged me I will definitely get around to doing them all soon and do appreciate it very much, please don't think I am ignoring them!

- WINTER!! I seem to mention this every 'ins and outs', but I love it! It was actually frosty this morning and you could see your breath in the air and we had to put the heating on for the first time! Is it really sad that I get this excited :

- Student Finance! I actually don't think my bank account has ever seen this much money at once! Considering I'm living at home so I don't actually need money for accomodation and food and the likes, I have lots of pennies to spend on just ME and books (for my dad's sake *rolls eyes*).

- Finishing 6 MAC products :D Free lipstick YAY!!


- Skin. I promise I won't mention it again :)

- Shy girl being out of stock when I tried to Back to Mac my empties, I really didn't know what else to pick since the only other lipsticks I wanted are Viva Glam ones and they aren't included so I ended up going back home with my empties, how depressing!

- Feeling generally uninspired. Normally I have a wish list so long and normally unobtainable, but now I have money to spend, nothing is calling out to at all.

- Procrastinating driving lessons. I hate the feeling when I keep putting things off, it seriously makes me feel on edge all of the time! I don't really know why I haven't just started yet, I can drive quite decently (for a learner), because I have been on my dads insurance since I turned 17 :| I just haven't had any actual lessons yet, they were meant to be my 17th birthday pressie too but I just still haven't got around to booking any! I'm sick of not being able to have the freedom of driving yet so hopefully I will start soon :)

Thats all for now!
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  1. MAC foundation made me breakout like crazy! I changed to Bare Minerals and it improved drastically:)

  2. I've never tried a MAC foundation and I think you've confirmed that I never want to!
    Also, book your driving lessons! I love driving, you won't regret it!

  3. Hey, I'm hoping to stay at home when I go to Uni but people keep telling me that I will miss out. Just wondered how you felt about it. Great blog btw :)

    Princess Juicy T ♥

  4. Hold out for Shy Girl, it's lovely : ) x

  5. I start Uni next year and am considering living at home so I'll have more money (and can finally treat myself to new furniture. All the furniture in our house is from family and friends!)
    There's two Uni's I'm looking at, one because there are no exams, and the other so I can live at home and have money, so it's down to whether I prefer the idea of no exams+no money, or exams+money..
    Have you got lost at all yet? haha

  6. @Kirstin - Wow thanks for that, I have been really tempted by their new Matte one I've never tried mineral foundation before (unless you class mineralised skin finish as a foundation :P) I've always been dubious about the coverage, definitely willing to give it a go though!

    Laura - I really don't blame you, if you find something that works, stick to it!! Silly me trying some new 'wonder product' haha :)

    Princess Juicy - It depends what you are going to Uni for. If you want to go for the night life, socialising and the experience then you sort of need to live in. I mean I have made some friends already and even been offered a place to stay after a night out so I can still go out because getting home would just be a pain (last train is at 11 and a taxi would be at least £50). But I haven't had the freshers experience like everyone else, where they've been out every night and made close friends in halls! You will miss out on what everyone associates to be the full Uni experience, but you will definitely still make friends and still have a good social life :)

    Sophie - I am doing :) Its available online so I might just buy it!

  7. @Louise - :O A uni that doesn't have exams?!? Since when did this exist haha!! I'm sure you will enjoy it either way, but I am loving having this spare money :) Surprisingly not got lost yet, I got lost when I came to the Open Day with my mum last year, VERY lost, because the campus is huge and spread throughout the city, but I guess that is what open days are for, to get to know the place!

  8. with the driving thing.. trust me hun just get it over with.. you'll feel a whole lot better, i went through the same process! lol glad you're back :) xx

  9. reading this post was like being inside my own head! lol
    i start back for my second year of uni on monday after having four months off (i seriously think i've forgotten how to read, which isn't good as i'm an english lit student) lol!
    i decided to get a student loan this year even though i'm living at home (easier than saving up for my summer holiday, plus i know my mot is definately going to be a stinger) lol xx

  10. I gave you a blog award :D

  11. Even though this isnt an alternative to MAC's prolongwear I seriously reccommend the MAC studio moisturetint SPF15 (tinted moisturiser) my skin is so sensitive and freaks out at verything and I would really recommend it when u want less coveerage.

    xoxo stay fabulous

  12. Love waffle posts :) I am lusting after MAC shy girl!

  13. I totally understand what you mean about the freedom of driving. I've being learning for about 8 months now.. Maybe a bit longer. I've passed my theory, but money is such an issue with lessons being £24 for an hour.. Pretty ridiculous really:/. So I aren't having lessons regular now. Its annoying knowing I can kind of drive but I can't legally :(. And I don't have insurance on my parents car either :(:(.
    I hope you manage to pass soon though - good luck with it. I can't wait for the 'freedom' having a car brings haha.