Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Review: Lush Fresh Farmacy Cleanser

I have been searching for a new cleanser, preferably one that is gentle and will thoroughly cleanse my skin and one that is not stuffed full of nasty chemicals that will probably do my skin more harm than good. I was looking into Cetaphil who's cleanser had been recommended highly for sensitive skin conditions in my case acne. However this isn't readily available in the UK, unless I'm just not looking hard enough, but as far as I know you can't get it in the major pharmacies ie, Boots and Superdrug. I did see it advertised on Lloyds Pharmacy's website but I couldn't find it stocked in my closest store. So I turned to Lush, who's ethos is natural cosmetics and fit the bill perfectly. Personally I have not tried any of Lush's skin care products, not for any other reason than I had been satisfied with the ones I had been using. Since aforementioned skin blip, I have been on a huge skincare kick and decided to look after my skin properly. I was scanning through Lush's various cleansers and decided on this one, as it suited my skin type the best and offered the results I wanted.


Lush say: 'Fresh Farmacy is the soothing, cleansing bar to reach for whenever you see a spot starting rear its ugly head. It makes a tiny bit of froth to clean your face gently. And because it's made with masses of calamine and chamomile, it's one of the most extraordinarily calming cleansers known to humankind.'

 I had previously been a fan of the tea tree range from The Body Shop, so knowing this had tea tree in made my hopes slightly higher. I was sort of dubious when I first opened the packaging, I had never tried a soap bar sort of cleanser before and it didn't look particularly amazing, just a sort of pinky grey slab. The smell is completely subtle and non-offensive, it doesn't really have a distinctive smell sort of just natural and soapy?
I decided to cut my bar up into smaller chunks so I could use just a small amount at a time, my thoughts being that it was more sanitary that way and less likely to create bacteria having it lying around all soggy after I had used it.

I find that it lathers up really well into a nice thick creamy lather and it cleanses perfectly, although I like to make sure my skin is deeply cleansed so I tend to use a scrub or at the moment I am using The Body Shop's facial brush which I am really loving. After using it my skin does feel quite tight and can be rather dry in places, but it leaves it feeling really soft and clean. I wouldn't say it has any particularly special spot vanishing properties, however it is perfect for what I was looking for; a gentle natural cleanser that will not disrupt or irritate my blemish prone skin.
A week or so after using it my skin has cleared up quite well from the Pro Longwear incident and I am really glad it gave me the kick up the bum to look after my skin better.

Next on the skincare mission, a decent moisturiser!! So if you have any recommendations I would love to hear them and if you have any reviews just give me some linkage and I'll hop right over :)

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  1. I really should try LUSH skincare, it seems lovely! My moisturiser is the Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Anti-Blemish moisturiser, it's only about £4/£5 and it's brilliant for spot-prone skin, I really reccomend it :)xx


  2. for eye creams I use eyecon by benefit I love it. But if you are after natural products stick with lush. You cant go wrong really. Just ask the in store woman what is best for your skin.

    I started using their face masks after freshers week last year (serious alcohol consumption obz) and it was amazing. Totally removed all oil and nasty from my skin.


  3. Ah this was really interesting! xo

  4. When your skin feels tight after cleansing, it means that you are dehydrated.

    I need to take a trip to Lush, I should try out their skincare because everyone raves about it!



  5. I think I want to try this now you reviewed it. I love how thorough you are xxx

  6. Oooo I want this now! I'm finding the Olay moisturiser for combination skin is quite good, it's not too greasy and sinks in nicely x

  7. sometimes when I look at Lush bars, I want to eat them more than use them on my skin, they look so good! This one makes me think of frozen yogurt ahha. Cute blog.

  8. @Ellie - Oooh thanks for the recommendation, I'll definitely check it out :)
    @Georgia - I am really tempted to try benefits skincare stuff, but its always so expensive :(
    @Victoria India - Thanks for the comment hun :)
    @mollyvogue - I know, I haven't been moisturising as often as I should to try and illiminate these pesky spots :| Which I know probably is doing me more harm than anything!
    @dennicapearl - Thanks hun :)
    @Amelia - Aww thank you :)
    @Dani - Thanks for the recommendation hun, sounds lovely!
    @Girls who blush - Haha thats what I think, lush looks more like a candy shop than a soap shop!!