Saturday, 9 October 2010

Weekend Waffle: Ins and Outs

Hello there lovelies :)
I hope you have all had a fabulous week whatever you have all been up to! I'm finally settling in to the uni routine now, bought some books (:(), got my timetable sorted and know where all of my lectures and tutorials are now (just about!!). My Uni/course seems to have quite a lot more lectures and things than others, my friend at Liverpool doing a similar course only has 4 a week, and I have 10 lectures and 5 tutorials :|

- Models Own Purple Ash from the 'Car Key' Collection. This colour is seriously gorgeous! Definitely my new favourite autumn/winter shade, I will have to do a NOTD to show it in all its glory!
- Matt Cardle from the X Factor. Oh my. His voice is stunning! Serious shivery goosebumpage when he sung that song at boot camp. Love him :D
- The Apprentice!!! 'nuff said. Although I do think 'Lord Sugar' sounds sort of like a dodgy porn star name. Or maybe that's just me?
- Finally booking my first driving lesson for Wednesday, thanks everyone for the encouragement :)

- Colds. There's just no need. You've annoyed me for an entire week now, please kindly do one.
- My boyfriend sodding off to Stafford for a week to look after his dads cat ¬_¬ Stupid cat.
- Paying £100 on two books for Uni. I nearly cried handing over my card :( 

Rightio, I'm off to stuff my face with a KFC snack box, popcorn chicken of course! Very nutritious work lunch, but its the weekend so I'm allowed :)

Thanks for reading


  1. good ins and outs. I might have to steal this idea ;). But then again I will never get round to it...


  2. haha Paying money on books for my course makes me sad too ): £85 it cost me for a friggin 'artist book' pffft.
    Think of what i could of baught in Mac for that...


  3. Totally with you on most of these!! xoxo

  4. Ahh nice :)

    xoxo stay fabulous

  5. @Georgia - Haha I think that, but its always just a good post to slot in when you want to be lazy!
    @LaurenStephanie - haha I know thats exactly what I was thinking when I was paying!!
    @Vicky - Thanks for the comment hun :)
    @Amelia - Thank youu :D