Friday, 24 June 2011

June GlossyBox (spoilers!!)

Needless to say I was ridiculously excited this morning when the postman came and dropped off my GlossyBox and even more so when I got around to ripping open its contents and revealing these goodies...

Batiste Original Dry Shampoo
I already love this stuff! I will never be without a bottle of it, so having a travel sized bottle which is perfect to carry around in my bag with me is great!
Perles De Lalique by Lalique Perfume

Not my usual choice of perfume, but gorgeous none the less. The card describes this perfectly as a glamorous scent, because it definitely is and again a generous sized sample great for sticking in my bag!
OPI Designer Series Nail Lacquer

I was so excited to see an OPI polish in my GlossyBox as I have never tried OPI before! This is a lovely sparkly silver glitter polish, which I have actually been wanting for a while to layer over more tame colours for something extra so this was perfect!
BioEffect EGF Serum

I have honestly not heard of this brand before, which I guess is the idea of the GlossyBox! If my skin wasn't so much of a pain I would be really excited to try this out, but since it is sensitive to even water (slight overstatement) I have to be super careful what I put on my skin so I might have to give this one a miss untill it improves :(
Rouge Bunny Rouge Lip Gloss in Secret Places of Love

I was superdooooooooper excited when I realised this was in my GlossyBox!! I had never tried anything from rouge bunny rouge again, but had been meaning to for the longest time! It is a gorgeous neautral shade, perfect for day or night and I know I will definitely be getting a lot of use out of it!

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  1. Sounds like another good box... I really need to get signed up to receive them too