Friday, 10 June 2011

Recent Foundation Additions: Chanel, Clarins + MAC

Hi all!
Sorry it's been a while, revision and uni work had taken over my life for the past 2 months, but as my last exam was yesterday I am now free until September! I plan on being slightly more productive over the next 3 months instead of living up to the typical student reputation so expect to see a lot more of me on here!

Anyway on to the good stuff...
I have been on a mission recently to find the perfect foundation. I have been using Estee Lauder Double Wear for about a year now and as much as I love it for its amazing coverage and longevity, I need something less full-on. Although finding the perfect foundation for me, is much easier said than done. I am apparently very picky when it comes to foundation, I need just enough coverage, the right finish, preferably slightly matte but not so much so that my skin looks dull and lifeless but still looks like skin and enough staying power to last with my oily-combo skin. This isn't going to be a review post more a small foundation haul as I haven't had them for long so can't pass a full judgement yet.
Clarins Skin Illusion (Cream, 104)
I first heard about this foundation from Jo and Nicoletta, who's blogs I love btw, and they both gave it amazing reviews. It sounded like the perfect foundation, all be it not quite suited to my specifications but I was willing to compromise and try something different, and I am glad I did. I really love this foundation! It literally glides on to the skin, providing a natural light radiant finish which still has enough coverage to even out my skin. It didn't completely last all day on me but not many foundations do (double wear being the exception) but only needed a slight bit of powder. For me this is the perfect summer foundation, light enough to look like a second skin but still provide a flawless (well as flawless as my skin can get) base, love it!

MAC Studio Tech (NW15)
This foundation wasn't really part of my 'I need to tone down the slap' mission as it boasts a full coverage and a very matte finish, at least on me. I am always very wary of having my photograph taken especially on a night out when there are cameras everywhere and I somehow always manage to have a ghost like face, now I am naturally pale but not to that extent. So I came to the conclusion that for nights out I needed a full coverage foundation without SPF, as apparently that is the reason for you to look washed out in flash photography. I initially wanted to try MAC's full coverage, but as that was only sold in pro stores, I didn't fancy trekking down to London for it, so I settled on this. I have yet to wear it on a night out yet so can't comment on whether the change makes a difference but so far I quite like it. The coverage you can achieve from it is very diverse, if you apply with a damp sponge you can get a very sheer natural looking finish, yet if you apply with a brush you can build up to a much fuller coverage, which I really like about it.

Chanel Mat Lumiere (Clair, 20)
This one of the least talked about of the Chanel foundations, so I was slightly hesitant to look into it, but the rest didn't sound like they would be right for me. This one offered the matte finish I was looking for and a medium coverage, that looked beautiful on the skin but at a steep price. After reading positive reviews on make-up alley and many blogs I decided to just go for it. I hate that Chanel don't do samples of their foundations, because if I am going to spend £30 on a foundation I want to know how a full face looks and holds out on my skin, and I don't really want to have my make-up done at a counter in front of the entire Trafford Centre Boots thanks, but I digress. My first impressions of this weren't necessarily amazing, I think I over anticipated what this foundation would be like and it was sort of 'meh'. Don't get me wrong it was a lovely finish, matte yet natural and skin like and provided (sort of) enough coverage but it didn't blow me away, which is what I expected at £30 a pop.

I congratulate you if you are still with me at this point, because Christ can I ramble!!

Let me know what your favourite foundations are, I am turning into quite the foundation junkie so I would love to know :)
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  1. If you e-mail Debenhams they'll send you a sample of Chanel foundation :) - great reviews on them all. I really want to try the Studio Tech now! x

  2. Really? Thanks for the tip, I will do next time ;)